Consensus Zapier Integration

Zapier is an amazing tool that automates workflows between Consensus and 500+ applications so that you can push lead data and/or demo view analytics to your respective application. In this article we will cover a generic overview of how to get leads


You will need to have the following apps installed and/or information available for this article:

  • Add the Consensus integration into Zapier by clicking this link:
  • Consensus Zapier App
  • Consensus API Credentials
  • Third-Party Tool Login / API Credentials

Trigger Steps

  1. Log into Zapier and click on the Make A Zap button
  2. Search for Consensus and select to use it as your Trigger App
  3. Now select the New Lead radio button as your trigger and click Continue
  4. Next, click Choose Account
    Note: If you have previously connected your Consensus account through Zapier you do not need to connect a new account and can select the corresponding account information radio button that you would like to use for this integration.
  5. Now you are prompted to connect your Consensus account to Zapier. ( How do I access my API credentials?)
  6. Read through the setup instructions provided and click on the Copy to clipboard button. After you click Copy, click the link web hook. This will bring you directly into Consensus.
  7. Once the web hook is active, create a test new lead within Consensus. This lead will be used to map data in the Action section of the Zap.
    Note: If too much time has elapsed you will be prompted with a notice saying that a new lead could not be found. Click on the Try Again button after you have completed the steps above for creating a new lead on Consensus.


  1. Search for the third-party app you want to receive the new lead and select to use it as your Action App.
  2. Click on the Connect a New Account button, and then you are prompted to connect your third-party account to Zapier. Click Yes, continue when finished.
  3. Next we will map the values from Consensus to the third-party tool. In the example below, we are matching up the Contact Email in Hubpot to the Email from the Consensus lead form.
  4. Continue this process of mapping fields and click the Continue button. If the field is missing in Zapier, check the third-party tool to ensure all fields are defined. For example, HubSpot needs additional properties to be defined. Once this is completed, you will need to click the Refresh link to get the newly defined fields into Zapier.

    Note: Some third-party tools will allow you to create custom objects / properties that can be added to the contact / lead object so that you can display additional information. We highly recommend creating these custom objects in order to store the demo details when possible.
  5. Verify that all your mapping looks correct and click on the Test & Continue button. If everything is successful, enable the Zap by clicking TURN ZAP ON.