How to Install Consensus Integration Service for Oracle Eloqua

Eloqua can be integrated with Consensus, allowing you to trigger sending demos from Eloqua, see demo analytics within Eloqua and Consensus analytics for lead scoring and dynamic campaigns.

  1. Follow the installation link provided by your account manager.
  2. Eloqua will request authorization
  3. Click Accept and Install
  4. Consensus Integration Service appears in Apps. Double click the application, and then click the wheel icon (Configure).
  5. Next, open a window into Consensus and navigate to Settings by clicking on the wheel icon then click Integrations.
  6. If the API keys are not present, click the Generate button. Use the API Key and API Secret for the  Consensus Integration Service.
  7. Back inside of the Consensus Integration Service, paste the API Key and API Secret and enter the email address used to log into Consensus. Once this is complete, click Submit then Load Consensus Data.
    Note: this process may take a while depending on how many records is in Consensus. At this point, Eloqua is configured with Consensus and Eloqua will automatically import Leads from Consensus.

    After successful establishment of connection between Consensus and Eloqua system the following functionality:
    a. Using Eloqua Forms as ‘Lead Gate’
    b. Update Consensus Data in Eloqua using webhooks
    c. Load Historical Consensus Activity