Multi-Pages Product Tour is now here.

Learn how to utilize our new multi-pages feature product tour experience

1. To create tour, be on step 3 of the Consensus Builder. 

Sample - how Tour is located on a Standard Personalization Demo (above image)

 Sample - how Tour is located on a Single Experience Demo (above image)

2. Once you click create, you either browse and upload screenshot(s) or drag & drop multiple screenshots to the builder. 

Note: To create a multi-pages product tour, we recommend images closer to the suggested 1440 px by 1024 px size. 

3. Select the screenshot you want to add the hotspot(s) onto, in this new release you will be able to link to the different pages of the tours simply by using "Link to Page" drop down. You also now have the option to turn ON or OFF linking page capability. You can now also create a "Button Text" for viewers to navigate through the different pages.

The navigational button will switch from a regular hotspot to hotspot with an arrowicon. 



4. You can easily rename, replace, duplicate or delete the image by 1) hovering over the right side of the image within the lev nav panel (a tool bar will appear) or 2) clicking on the meatballs button above of the screenshot. You can also reorder your screens by dragging them on the left nav panel.

Once your page has at least one linked page, the left panel will show that your pages were linked. Similarly to the right nav panel, you will now also see "Linkage" icon next to your linked hotspot.  

With this release, you can now upload a video to your Greetings or Congrats pop up on the right nav panel.


5. Once everything is completed, go ahead a click save or preview your Tours.

Note that any pages that were not linked will not be published, but will be in the builder. 

You can see when your last tour was saved & updated by going back to the demo builder.

To watch a tutorial click here

To learn how to clone a tour click here