Interactive Product Tours Lite

With the Tour Experience, you would have the option to ‘Create’ or ‘Clone Existing’ your product tour experience.

What is a Tour Experience?

This feature will be operating with the current Consensus system on the DemoBoards, Demo Player, and Demolytics. 

View our short tutorial here (or

This feature can be broken out into two major components: Tour Builder and Tour Player. This new feature allows users to have the ability to not only utilize video demos but also incorporate Tour Experience into the demo as well. 

In the Demo Player, the tour experience has an easily recognizable “mouse” icon, whereas the video experience uses the “play” icon.

Tour Builder - This new feature will be integrated into the current Consensus DemoBuilder that will allow users to build Product Tours as part of their demo. This new feature will be available for Single Experience and Standard Personalization Demos. 

Tour Player - Viewers will be able to launch Tour Experience seamlessly and navigate the product experience using hotspots.

How to create Tour Experience Demos?

You can create Demos with Tour Experience through ‘Single Experience’ or ‘Standard Personalization Demo’. You will be able to view to create Tours as an option in the ‘Demo Content’ step. With the Tour Experience, you would have the option to ‘Create’ or ‘Clone Existing’ tour. However, if you noticed that the feature is disabled please contact

Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 8-58-42 AM-png


1. Once you select to create either ‘Single Experience’ or ‘Standard Personalization Demo’, you will see the new feature “Tour”. Select create, and it will take you to this page to get started. 

2. You will have the option to drag & drop the screenshot you want to showcase in your demo.

3. Within Tour Builder, you can rename the title of your Tour Experience. Note that once you upload an image, at any point you can cancel or replace the photo you picked. 

4. Simply click on the screenshot to showcase your product with hotspots with the desired Title, Description, Video (optional), and the Position of the hotspots.

Drag and drop your hotspot anywhere on the screen to get the desired location (as shown in the short video below). Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 11.24.00 PM

5. You can easily view your Tours within a few clicks, and users can decide to enable the congrats popup at the end of the Tour.

6. Click 'Preview' to preview your created Demo. Publish your new Demo within a click and share it with all your prospective customers. 

7. Finally, your Demo is now ready for your prospect viewers.