How to Create Custom Reports in SFDC with Consensus Data

In this article, we will show how to add Consensus data to your SFDC Reports with the SFDC Professional Integration

The Consensus SFDC Professional Integration passes Consensus view data into your Salesforce account in a reportable format. This allows you to generate reports that contain Consensus data allowing you to easily understand the ROI and value that Consensus is providing. In this article we will walk through setting up your Salesforce account to allow you to add Consensus data to your reports. 

NOTE* In order add Consensus data to your reports, Consensus SFDC Professional needs to be installed. 

  1. Click Setup, then in the quick find, type Report Types
  2. Click New Custom Report Type, then update the Report Type Label and Report Type Name and then choose the Report Type Category.
  3. Choose Leads (or whatever you chose from the Report Type Category) as the Primary Object. Now choose cInvitations, then cViews followed by cFeatures. Now click Save.
  4. In Reports, click New Report and choose Consensus as the report type.
  5. On the right-hand side, click Columns and choose the data you want to see in the report. Once you have added the desired columns, Click Save then Run.


That's it! Your account is now set up and you can generate reports based on the data that Consensus is sending through the Consensus SFDC Professional App.