USE CASE: (Lead Qualification) Webinar Follow Up

Use the Standard demo to splice up long webinars into shorter, topic-focused, digestible pieces.
    • Step by Step Process
      •  Record webinar
        • tip* - try to structure your webinar beforehand in a way that makes it easy to splice up
          • (separate sections by different speakers, or different topics)
      • Use Consensus Studio to create different video segments
      • Upload segments to a new demo; design rest how you’d like
      • If you have a webinar co-host, share both gated and un-gated versions with them and encourage them to share on social, email, etc.
      • Email webinar recording out to all registrants
      • Track what sort of engagement it receives
    • Benefit:
      • Drive Lead Conversion & Lead Qualification with those that signed up for your Webinar, whether they attended or not!
      • Allow for a customizable Webinar experience for those that couldn't attend the live Webinar.