USE CASE: (Promotional) Webinar Prep Demo

Send demo to all registrants via email, prior to your webinar. Use messaging along lines of, “watching this demo will help give you a better idea of what we’re all about, and what the focus of this webinar will be”.

  • Step by Step Process:
    • Send out a Unique Link to each registrant in the your Webinar SignUp Follow Up email.
      • Utilize the Consensus Universal Link to build out your Follow Up email campaign right within your email marketing tool
      • Don’t have the ability to generate mass unique demo links to include in emails? Zapier will allow you to integrate with Consensus and GoToWebinar (or whatever webinar platform you use, if possible).
        • You can create a Zapier rule that automatically sends email with demo link, after someone registers for webinar.
        • Add the Consensus Zap by accepting our Zapier Invite
    • Track number of demo views from registrants and use the data to understand the primary interests of your Webinar viewers
  • Benefit:
    • Increase not just brand awareness, but understanding of your brand and product, by encouraging registrants (who have already opted in to learn from your company) to view your company’s demo. Or, include a demo link to a previous webinar in your registration confirmation email.
      • Try A/B testing to see what performs better (the company demo, or demo of a webinar recording).