USE CASE: Live Demo Follow Up

You just spent an hour or so reviewing your prospect's needs and helping them see how your solution can solve their pain points. Now what...? Don't leave your prospects out to dry by forcing them to try to remember every last detail you reviewed with them and try to relay your message to each Stakeholder in their Organization. Allow them to easily mobilize your message throughout their Organization with Consensus. Commit them to share your demo, and enable them with their own demo to do so

  • Step by Step Process
    • Send your prospect a unique demo after your live conversion
      • There are several ways to send a unique demo link with Consensus. You can send it right from within the applications or integrate directly with the tools you are already using to communicate with your prospects:
      • *TIP* You can personalize the Demo Button through the Gmail and Outlook integrations!
      • *TIP* Include language about sharing the demo from within the demo experience
    • Keep them up to date of who is viewing the demo and what is important to them within their organization
  • Benefit:
    • Discover Stakeholder early, as well as their individual interests
    • Shorten sales cycle lengths by helping each organization understand what is important to each Stakeholder and enable the mobilizer to champion your offering.