USE CASE: Pre Live Demo

Getting a prospect to show up to a live appointment can be a challenge. To use all of that time to review basic functionalities and walkthroughs of your product could be better spent fielding questions or doing discovery. Stop having starter conversations! Pre-educate and discover additional stakeholders before you ever even have your first call, so the first call can jump right into closing conversations.

  • Step by Step Process
    • Include instruction to view the demo which will provide value context for the upcoming conversation
    • Encourage them to share the demo with others inside of their organization that need to learn about the solution
    • Send out a DemoBoard link when an appointment is set.
        • There are several ways to send a DemoBoard link with Consensus. You can send it right from within the applications or integrate directly with the tools you are already using to communicate with your prospects:

        • Looking to send out DemoBoard links to a large group of Organizations? Use our Mail Merge tool to create dynamic unique links on the fly with any Mail Merge tool
          • Settings (Gear Icon on the top-right side) > Mail Merge
            Screenshot 2023-04-14 at 11.46.10 AM
      • When you get the view notification, send them a note along the lines of: “looks like (feature selection) is very important to you, who else can I share the demo with/ would like to join us for our upcoming call”
    • Benefit:
      • Prospects who watch the demo before the first call will be pre-educated and allow you to start a nurturing conversation from the very first call
      • Consensus can help transform the conversation in your calls to be more specific to each organization you are working with